Address: 12-16 Hill St. Bundanoon NSW 2578

A brief history

Our church is named in honour of St Brigid, she is known as “Mary of the Gael” and is the Patroness of Ireland, she was born in AD453 and died in AD524 . St Brigid founded Kildare Monastery and is depicted holding a church in her hand because of her work in spreading the Gospel.
Her feast day is 1 February.

The land for the church was donated by a prominent and generous businessman Mr. W Nicholas in 1890, at that time he was an active member of the Trinity Church community.
The Bundanoon community and the non-catholic churches have been supportive of efforts to build a Catholic Church, this is shown by the ongoing support of Mr. Nicholas and the historical records which indicate gifts and support over many years.

The church was officiallyblessed and opened on 31 March 1895. The extension was blessed and opened on 10 November 1935.

Unfortunately many of the details relating to our Benefactors have been lost over the years, we are making efforts however to gather more information.

It is proposed that on the feast day of St. Brigid each year we will offer Mass in memory of those that have done some much for this small community – not just for the benefactors , but for the Priests that have celebrated Mass and conducted the Marriages, Baptisms, Funerals and all the other services over so many years , what stories they could tell!

We also owe a great debt to those that have kept our church going for all these years- cleaning, maintenance and the grounds etc., many of those that help are members of families that have been active for several generations.

Chalice – The Fahey Sisters (Thomas Fahey was involved with the church from 1891) related to the English family.
Ciborium – W Ellsmore in memory of his wife Rachael.
Pyx – Fr C Hill. Believed to have been damaged and then restored to its original condition.
Monstrance – Mrs. McEvilly.
Lectionary – McGrath & Balding families 1970.
Lectionary – Trinity Anglican Church 1995
Lectionary – The Jay family in memory of Susan Ita Jay.
Missal – The Balding family in memory of Alfred & Margaret.
Missal Stand – Mary English & William Schell.
Altar Crucifix – The Jay family in memory of Fredrick & Kathleen.
Asperges Bowl & Sprinkler – The Bullock family
Presiding Priest’s Chair – The Petersen family
Blue Altar Cloth – Gladys Stubenrauch
Vestments & Cope – Enid O’Hara & Gladys Stubenrauch
Baptismal Font – The Balding family, some input by others & carving by Peter Otto
Lectern – Fabricated from Altar Rail gates by Joshua Sernack
Wall Crucifix – In memory of a World War I Digger
Organ – Tony Lopes (English family)
Sandstone Altar & Wall Niche Shelves – The Condon family (owners of the quarry) installed by Barry Ellsmore and others.
Brick Paving – Brian & Ann Whyte in memory of the English family
Ramp & Railing – June Talbot in memory of her brother Keith
CD Player – June Talbot

Funds donated for the upkeep of the church : Ray Pryor, June Talbot , The Jay family and all those that insisted on anonymity.

The names of many of those individuals & families that have left their mark on this community: Nicholas, Larkin, Fahey, English, Schell, Lopes, Ellsmore, O’Hara, Condon, Stubenrauch, Balding, Otto, Talbot, Pryor, O’Donnell, Sternack, Merrick, Quirk, Green, Webb, Schwager, Jay, Binns, Terry, Gummer, Warne, McNally, Fogarty & all those whom we haven’t recorded we ask almighty God to include them in the special Mass offering.


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  The text kindly supplied by Barry McDonnell.

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